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Craft is the leading global manufacturer of components, sub-assemblies, refrigeration systems, and finished goods for original equipment manufacturers and distributors out to change the world.

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We exist to create positive lasting memories in everything we do. We solve problems and create opportunities for our partners. Our mission is to be a trusted partner, working alongside our customers to deliver unique, high-value, sustainable integrated products that enable them to bring ideas to life. We empower engineers to innovate a more sustainable world by delivering smart, energy-efficient solutions. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, and recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for over 25 years, over 200 members and leaders have adopted an ownership mindset, collaborating with our partners and clients to redefine what’s possible. 

The Craft Promise

Continuously providing the
most customer-focused solutions in contract manufacturing and commercial refrigeration industry.

We exist to create positive lasting memories in everything we do. We bring ideas to life.
We empower organizations to engineer innovative solutions that improve quality of life and lead to a better future for all.

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Craft’s commitment to integrated designmanufacturing, and distribution solutions provides peace of mind and allows you to shift your focus back to your business and doing what you do best.

Thermal Solutions

Craft Group’s subsidiary Thermocraft produces fully integrated and complete refrigeration systems for original equipment manufacturers and distributors in the commercial refrigeration industry. We  provide professional project management from design and testing through delivery.

Craft Group’s subsidiary Thermocraft is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration condensing units for indoor and outdoor applications. Ranging from 1/5 to 5 HP, these units exceed market standards in performance, efficiency, and durability. 

We stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the design, engineering, and manufacturing of your custom-designed refrigeration system. In addition to refrigeration systems, we build custom condensing units, complete refrigeration units, and evaporators – quality products on which you will be proud to put your name. 

Engineered Products

We define engineered products as custom, critical-to-function components, sub-assemblies, and precision metal and complete products. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned craftspeople bring your vision and ideas to life. With a focus on precision metal products, CNC machining, welding, die cutting, stamping, tube bending, copper and aluminum assemblies, and sheet metal fabrication.

Custom Integration Services

With our advanced technologies and in-house engineering capabilities, we offer high-capacity custom integration services, such as manual and mechanical assembly, kitting, sorting, inspection, and testing.  

Our custom design and distribution services streamline the transition from concept through delivery. 

Craft’s subsidiary Elco is a master distributor of compressors, condensing units, and commercial refrigeration components. 


We consolidate design and engineering tasks for projects including heat transfer products, metal components, dies, molds, and tools. Coordinating all phases under one roof, our engineering support team is positioned to complement your team’s skills. We can recommend design improvements, enhance functionality, improve quality, and identify creative valued-added opportunities.

Craft distribution division offers a wide range of commercial refrigeration components and parts. We have served the original equipment manufacturers and distributors in the HVAC/R industry for more than a decade. We carry thousands of refrigeration compressors, motors, systems, units, components, and raw materials in stock so that your production line never shuts down. We also offer domestic warehousing, cross-docking, inventory services, and international supply chain management to ensure your components arrive on time and your manufacturing and warehousing operations are fully stocked. 

Supply chains are

Today’s business moves at light speed. Lead decisively and confidently to manage challenges and mitigate risk to your supply chain.

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Manufacturing Plants


Manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, and with partners in Taiwan, and Thailand we guard you against regional and international supply chain disruptions.



More than 200 dedicated experts worldwide keep Craft on top of the manufacturing industry.

Parts Produced

5 Million

Craft has produced and distributed more than 5 million parts.

Enterprise Ready


A score of Fortune 500 companies trust Craft for their critical contract manufacturing needs.

From solutions for commercial refrigeration manufacturers to aftermarket support, we serve as a steward and trusted partner, leveraging our industry-shaping technologies and deep expertise to improve the quality of life for all.

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The commercial refrigeration industry is constantly changing. Meet and exceed industry efficiency standards with Craft commercial refrigeration condensing units.

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