The Heart & Soul
of Craft Inc.

We live, breathe, and play by our values. Every day.

Our company values support our vision, shape our culture, and guide us as we apply our own philosophies and judgments to our work and life. 

A culture that can, does, and will.


the right

We do the right thing in serving our tribe, our stockholders, our customers, our products, our end-users, our suppliers and even our competitors. This means looking for the right action in every context, and asking critical questions that bring out the best course or decisions relevant to the situation and the circumstances.


Create positive,
lasting memories
and relationships.

We strive to create positive lasting memories in all of our relationships. As a result of our interactions with our tribe and stakeholders, we all will feel better at the end of the interaction than we did when we began; we will leave with a positive memory of it. Our customers should consider us a part of their business success. End-users should be glad they purchased products that our name associated with it, telling their friends about the quality and utility of our brands.


Creating a better

Our people and technologies play a vital role in making the world a better place. Our goal is not only to make our methods more efficient and our products more valuable, but to truly make a difference in the world by transforming the way it preserves its food and manages its living spaces. We value continual improvement. We are a learning organization. We are responsible for our own development and helping others to learn, as well. We celebrate our successes, then move on to new heights of achievement. We solicit ideas and solutions from all, and consistently look for ways to progress.


Commitment to family,
friendship, and
communities we serve.

We consider ourselves to be a family of like-minded craftspeople. A fun, caring, friendly work environment instills a common purpose and a desire to deliver a cohesive customer experience.


Nothing individual growth
as the building blocks of
organizational success.

We recognize that collective success comes first. Our organization is a global company with different locations and tribe members spread far and wide. But everything we do is geared toward the success of the entire company.


Grow and secure
the financial
well being of Craft.

We realize creating and protecting economic value for our members and stakeholders is a tremendous responsibility. We take seriously the fact that many families are dependent upon the actions we take. We recognize and accept this responsibility.

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