Powder Coating

Powder coating is the best protection for almost any metal component and the durability and quality of powder coating is far superior to solvent paints.

Prepare with Sand Blasting & Protect With Powder Coating

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, consistent, reliable powder coating services with competitive prices and quick turn around.

Sand Blasting

Over a decade of experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to planning, management, and execution of our powder coating processes that ensure projects run smoothly, are completed on time and within budget.

We can powder coat virtually any metal objects that can be electrostatically charged and withstand 400F.

Big or small, long or short, wide or narrow, TCM has the ability to powder coat any size from___ to ____, and can handle the most intricately designed parts.

Sand Blasting

We also provide sand blasting services to ensure a clean prepared surface for all coating applications.

By providing this service in-house we can expedite the job by eliminating the time needed for transportation to and from the sandblaster and ensure the metal’s surface was not compromised by contamination during the handling and shipping process or weather and other environmental factors.

Sand Blasting​ Service
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