Brass Coupling

For Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Easy to Install

Craft’s self-sealing brass couplings allow for charging the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems without the use of traditional brazing. These couplings are extremely easy to use and are compatible with a wide range of refrigerants. Such as R410A, R448A, R449a, R513A, R134a, R407C and more… They range from 1/4” – 3/4”, and the connections are customizable to the core. UL listed.

Let's talk about the benefits

Corrosion Resistant

Brass body and the copper body reduces the chances of corrosion and improves durability.


Designed to perform well under low pressure drops to improve overall system efficiency.

Easy Connection

The brass threaded design make the connection/disconnection while under pressure.


Customized copper swat connections simplify the factor installed processes by eliminating brazing, flux residue clean up saving you money and time.


Our patented design and technology reduces the refrigerant leak rates. Virtually eliminating the refrigerant loss.


Designed in Germany and used by major manufacturers worldwide for the past decide. These couplings go under stringent testing and qualification process.

General Specification

Coupling Unions are available for each size for joining two female couplings together. These couplings are used in applications such as Portable split-system air conditioners, Split refrigeration systems, Marine refrigeration systems, Refrigerated, dry cleaning systems, and more. Compatible
with most refrigerants, including R-410A.

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