Custom Thermal Solutions

We’ve honed a unique way of doing things.
We call it Brilliant By Design. 

Thermocraft Thermal Solutions

Thermocraft designs qualifies, builds, and tests custom refrigeration systems that you can trust. We build subassemblies that include copper tube assemblies, brazing and complete refrigeration system and coils.

Complete Refrigeration System
Heat Exchanger & Coil
Copper Tube
Bending & Fabrication

Our process:

1. Discover

We engage stakeholders, prioritize objectives, learn about your requirements, and build a clear picture of what success looks like.

Discovery Meeting

Audit & Research 

Measurement & Evaluation

Stakeholder Engagement 

Custom Condensing Units

2. Design

Armed with insight, we plan your new system, melding design strategy, 3D design illustration, and technology into a compelling and intuitive experience tailored to your objectives.

Thermodynamic Strategy 

System Component Selection

Design Mockups & Prototypes 

Stakeholder Engagement & Performance Architecture Presentation


3. Create

We build a prototype sample, we test for the performance, efficiency, noise, airflow, leaks, fine-tune the components and design.

  • Build a prototype sample
  • Performance and design testing
  • Sample Optimization
  • Ship a prototype sample to your approval

4. Activate

We listen and implement clients feedback into the design, we fine tune and make final design and component adjustments, qualify the unit with any certification agency the client require. and then build and deliver the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) sample for client to review and test. Client will review and approve the new system for mass production!

Mass Production

Trouble shooting training and support.

Insights & Analysis

Continuous Support

After-sale engineering and technical support

Here is an example of how
we bring ideas to life:

The Craft Promise

Evolve & Grow

Original equipment manufacturers and distributors worldwide are growing their businesses with Craft today.

Bring your ideas to life today!

Your business needs to perform quickly, reliably, and in step with today’s ever-changing market. You need a partner that’s as responsive as you are. Put the power of Craft to work for you. 

Together we will redefine what’s possible. 

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