About Craft Group

Craft is a leading global design, manufacturer, and solutions provider of components, assemblies, systems, aftermarket parts, and finished goods for original equipment manufacturers and distributors that are out to change the world for the better.

Craft is divided into four operating segments: Engineered products, climate technologies, design & engineering services, and distribution services.

We’re recognized and operate under various brand names in the market such as Elco, Thermocraft, Unada, BIM/TCM, and Craft. Together, these organizations create a breadth of offerings under the Craft Group of Companies.

We take pride in delivering our customers high-quality, competitively priced products and services from around the globe, with the same ease of buying domestically. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, and recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for over 25 years, our team of over 200 tribe members takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what’s possible.

We exist to create positive lasting memories in everything we do. We solve problems and create opportunities for our partners. Our mission is to deliver unique, high-value solutions that improve the quality of life. Our brands deliver trust and performance to empower engineers to innovate a more sustainable world by delivering smart, energy-efficient solutions. Building on customer-focused innovation and engineering excellence, we collaborate with our clients to deliver easy-to-use, customizable, and sustainable solutions that empower them to bring their ideas to life.

Motivated by our purpose to create positive lasting memories and improve quality of life, Craft is renowned for groundbreaking design, quality craftsmanship, and providing an impeccable customer experience. Combining cutting-edge technology with old-fashioned work ethic, our products and systems play crucial roles in safeguarding our neighbors’ health, maximizing their productivity, and contributing to their comfort. Working alongside our partners, we believe in sharing insights, collaborating on solutions, and developing a shared purpose.


The Craft Promise

What impact do we seek to make?

Businesses that discover their purpose discover their place in the world.
Our purpose is what drives us to make a positive impact on our global society.

Our Purpose "Our Why"

We exist to create positive lasting memories in everything we do. We bring ideas to life. We empower organizations to engineer innovative solutions that improve quality of life and lead to a better future for all.

How we do it "Our How"

We create positive lasting memories by cultivating a co-elevating culture of teaching and learning; this produces a highly engaged workforce who live by our company’s values every day and bring our purpose to life.

Our Mission "Our What"

Our mission is to be a trusted partner, working alongside our customers to deliver unique, high-value, sustainable integrated products that enable them to bring ideas to life.

Our Culture

We are comprised of members from various cultural, philosophical, and social backgrounds. We have the common and sincere desire to serve our customers and the communities in which we live and work. We are a family of professionals, dedicated to excellence, and living Craft’s core values and purpose.

We have all committed ourselves to dedicate our training, knowledge, and experience to deliver our services professionally and to always do the right thing. It takes balance, teamwork, and collaboration to create great things. Here at Craft, we strive for all three.

Pride in our company, commitment to quality, and accountability to each other have modeled who we are today. Through our constant assessment and openness to change, we are positioned to succeed.

We invite you to join us — as an employee, customer, supplier, or interested community member — as we lead our industry globally and fulfill our purpose. Let’s change the way the world brings ideas to life!



The Heart & Soul
of Craft Group

We live, breathe, and play by our values. Every day.

Our company values support our purpose, shape our culture, and guide us as we apply our own philosophies and judgments to our work and life. 


We value
doing the right thing.

We do the right thing in serving our tribe, our stockholders, our customers, our products, our end-users, our suppliers, and even our competitors. This means looking for the right action in every context, understanding nuance, and asking critical questions that illuminate the best decisions given the situation and circumstances.


We value
creating positive,
lasting memories
and relationships.

We strive to create positive lasting memories in all of our relationships. Our intention is to leave others feeling better than when we found them and depart with positive memories from our internal and external interactions. Our customers consider us a part of their successes; they trust us as an extension of their own organizations and feel confident about recommending our services to others.


We value
creating a better

Our people and technologies play a vital role in making the world a better place. Our goal is to not only make our methods more efficient and our products more valuable, but to truly make a difference in the world by transforming the way we preserve our food, and manage our living spaces.


We value
Commitment to family,
friendship, and
communities we serve.

We consider ourselves to be a family of like-minded craftspeople. A fun, caring, friendly work environment instills our common purpose and a desire to deliver a cohesive customer experience to companies who are out to change the world.


We value
individual growth as the
foundation of
organizational success

We recognize that collective success comes first. Our organization is a global company with various locations and members spread far and wide. But everything we do is geared toward the success of the company at large. We value continuous improvement. We are a learning organization. We each take responsibility for our personal development while helping others along the learning curve. We celebrate our successes, work to achieve higher heights, and repeat. We solicit ideas and solutions from all, encourage diverse and unique perspectives, and we consistently look for new methods to progress and improve.


We value
growing and securing the
financial well-being of Craft Group.

We realize creating and protecting economic value for our members and stakeholders is a tremendous responsibility. We take seriously the reality that the fate of individuals and families alike are dependent upon the actions and inactions we take. We recognize and accept this grave responsibility.


From design to service, and support, Craft Group will partner with you to find the right solutions for your contract manufacturing needs.

We exist to create positive lasting memories in everything we do. 


Quality Control Standard

Craft Group strives to achieve the highest quality in all the products and services we offer, through a systematic approach that emphasizes quality at every step in the process from customer service through product delivery.



Customer Focused

Craft defines our product and service quality by our customers’ terms. We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and expectations and then commit ourselves to meet or exceed them, on budget, on time, every time.




Craft Group’s business ethics are rooted in our core philosophy of stewardship — leaving something better off than you found it.

Corporate Sustainability

Our vision for sustainability encompasses all the dimensions in which we operate: environmental, social, and economic.

Performance Driven

Using state-of-the-art measurement and inspection equipment, Craft takes the utmost care to ensure our products meet the agreed specifications. We monitor and continuously improve our business, products and services, organization, and employee performance. Our fully equipped inspection department includes a comprehensive set of metrology equipment, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and edge detection comparators. This sophisticated gear allows us to analyze, evaluate, and process part information quickly and accurately. Our customers benefit as high-production quality is ensured.

The Craft Promise

Evolve & Grow

Original equipment manufacturers and distributors worldwide are growing their businesses with Craft today.

Bring your ideas to life today!

Your business needs to perform quickly, reliably, and in step with today’s ever-changing market. You need a partner that’s as responsive as you are. Put the power of Craft to work for you. 

Together we will redefine what’s possible. 

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