4 Steps to Maintain Your AC Condenser

Here at Thermocraft [CRAFT GROUP], we develop custom refrigeration solutions for your business. It’s important to not only obtain quality, reliable, and valuable units, but also learn how to care for them so you can ensure a long lifespan for your equipment.

Follow these four steps for a healthy and long lasting AC Condenser:

  1. Keep the condenser coils clean
  2. Check the evaporator coil
  3. Ensure compressor unit is working properly
  4. Check condenser fan operation
  • Keep the condenser coils clean

    Your condenser coils should be checked monthly to ensure no dirt or grime has built up over time. Dirty coils prevent the proper transfer of air temperature, making your unit work harder and longer for a mediocre result. It is a best practice to clean the condenser coils once a month by using a brush or pressurized water. A coil cleaning foam can be used if it is non-acid based. Clean condenser coils ensure your unit works properly, saves energy, and lasts longer. 


  • Check the evaporator coil

Similar to the condenser coil, once a month you want to ensure your evaporator coil is free of ice buildup and that defrosting is working properly. The coil surface should be washed just like the condenser coil. Then every six months, it’s best to perform a more thorough maintenance check of the individual parts to ensure the fan motors and blades are working properly and the defrost heaters are in solid condition. 

  • Ensure compressor unit is working properly 

There could be a few reasons why your compressor unit isn’t working properly, but most might come back to poor maintenance. If your refrigerant is too low or too high, contaminants or corrosion is visible within the unit, or air passages are clogged, these could all lead to the unit working improperly. Visually inspecting the unit at least every six months helps to keep a close eye on some of these items that could decrease the life of your compressor unit.

  • Check condenser fan operation 

Condenser fans constantly work hard to keep your system running, which adds to the wear and tear of the fans over time. Frequent cleaning and dusting of the condenser fan can prevent dirt from getting into the system and extend the life of your AC condenser. We recommend checking your fans every three months to ensure they are working properly and continuing to provide proper air flow to your system.

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