How Do Commercial Refrigeration Condensing Units Really Work? Read Here

At Thermocraft we leverage the latest commercial refrigeration condensing unit technology and the ideal combination of refrigerant, horsepower, and temperature to make sure the units not only work but work to the best of their ability.

Let’s start simple. What’s the goal of a condensing unit? To remove heat by condensing refrigerant from a gas to a liquid.

How do condensing units work within the refrigeration cycle? Let’s explore.

The ingredients within the process are as follows:

Compressor, Condenser, Meter Device/Expansion valve, Evaporator, Refrigerant and …

The Compressor moves the refrigerant through the system.

The Condensing unit rejects the heat.

The Meter Device regulates the refrigerant flow.

The Evaporator absorbs the heat from the air and moves it back through the system.

Step 1:

Refrigerant enters the compressor as a low pressure, warm gas and comes out as high pressure, high gas and then goes into the condenser. When you compress a fluid, the volume decreases and the temperature increases as well as pressure. The refrigerant is compressed into higher temperatures.

Step 2:

When the refrigerant passes through the coils, it cools down from a hot gas to warm liquid. There is a fan behind the coils that picks up air around the coils so heat is rejected out of the condenser.

Step 3:

The expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant as pressure decreases and goes into the evaporator. The heat of the refrigerant causes it to vaporize within the evaporator.

Step 4:

The refrigerant goes back into the compressor to start the process all over again.

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