How Much Does an AC Condenser Replacement Cost?

Replacing your AC condenser can be fairly expensive depending on what you’re looking for. A full replacement could cost anywhere from $1,200 to $4,200 if not under warranty or $400 to $1,400 for labor when under warranty.

The cost of the part would depend on the coil type, the brand, and other key factors. The coil alone can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500, and the labor can cost anywhere between $300 to $900.

The right investment in your AC condenser unit as well as intentional upkeep can help ensure that these expensive replacement costs are less frequent.

If you’re considering a new condensing unit, Thermocraft’s five AC condensing units are a good place to start:

  • MB Series – Thermocraft Monoblock Packaged Systems
  • TL Series – Thermologic
  • EH Series
  • SF Series – Smart Force
  • SFL (Low Profile) – Smart Force Low Profile

MB Series 

Thermocraft Monoblock Packaged Systems are designed with the latest high-efficiency systems. The abs injected base, fan guard, and evaporator housing allows for higher insulation, strength, reduction in noise, and better drainage.

AC Condensing Units

TL Series

You can also consider a Thermologic condensing unit. Thermologic units rely on water-cooled refrigeration with a unique, small-footprint design that delivers distinct benefits compared to more traditional air-cooled systems.

EH Series

This low-profile condensing unit features a variable speed compressor designed for small spaces; it’s efficient, operates quietly, has multiple cooling loads, and an extended operating envelope, all with superior reliability.

SF Series

Smart Force (SF) condensing units are the recipe for premium foods and tough energy standards. Designed with OEM and end-user concerns in mind, allow you to meet and exceed regulatory standards.

SFL (Low Profile)

Smart Force Low Profile (SFL) condensing units are high efficient, quiet, compact and reliable. Sweat connections and electrical screw terminals makes installation fast and easy. These units use programmable ECM fan motors that adjust speed automatically which results in higher system efficiency.

Leverage the latest commercial refrigeration condensing unit technology and the ideal combination of refrigerant, horsepower, and temperature with Thermocraft.

It’s true replacing your AC condensing unit can be expensive, but if you invest, you can trust that they are built to last.