What is the Purpose of a Water-Cooled Condenser?

Removing heat from refrigerant vapor is the key function of a water-cooled condensing unit. Being able to transfer that heat to the water running through it makes for a functional and energy efficient system within a refrigerator.

Advantages of a Water-Cooled Condenser

Unlike air condensers that convert gas to a liquid, typically water-cooled condensers take less cooling time, the heat transfer rate is higher, and no fans are necessary. This saves time, energy, and money. Typically water-cooled condensers produce less noise which is a plus if your refrigerators and equipment are in public near customers.

In a nutshell, water-cooled condensers:

  1. Take less cooling time
  2. Maintain a higher heat transfer rate
  3. Use less energy over time
  4. Require no fan operation
  5. Produce less noise

Disadvantages a Water-Cooled Condenser

Although water-cooled condensers do have many positives when it comes to its operation, there are also disadvantages when compared to an air-cooled condenser option.

As can happen with parts that interact with water, parts within a water-cooled condenser can be prone to corrosion which might require parts to be replaced more often than with an air-cooled condenser. Sometimes the installation costs of a water-cooled condenser can be higher depending on which services you require. Air cooled condensers are typically smaller which gives more flexibility on location and placement as opposed to water-cooled condensers.

Recap of disadvantages:

  1. Relies on water availability
  2. Contains more parts than air-cooled condensers
  3. Can be prone to corrosion
  4. High installation costs
  5. Typically larger in size to air-cooled condensers

Whether you choose air-cooled or water-cooled solutions for your business, Thermocraft leverages the latest commercial refrigeration condensing unit technology and the ideal combination of refrigerant, horsepower, and temperature to ensure highly efficient, easy-to-install commercial refrigeration condensing units for all applications.

Thermocraft Solutions

Craft Inc.’s own brand of condensing units, Thermocraft, combines an uncompromising focus on quality, reliability, and economy with our strategic alliance concept that fosters our clients’ drive to innovate a more sustainable world through our smart, energy-efficient products, services, and solutions.

Our wide-range of commercial refrigeration condensing units (including water-cooled condensing units) is backed by more than 100 years of combined commercial refrigeration expertise. From small indoor evaporative units to large indoor or outdoor systems, we have the right solution for any application in the commercial refrigeration market.

Thermologic Series 

Thermologic is a water-cooled refrigeration condensing unit with a unique, small-footprint design that delivers distinct benefits compared to more traditional air-cooled systems. This low-profile condensing unit features a variable speed compressor designed for small spaces; it’s efficient, operates quietly, has multiple cooling loads, and an extended operating envelope, all with superior reliability.


Water-Cooled Condensers

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