The Different Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Room refrigeration systems are designed to minimize the acoustical and visual impact of the refrigeration system on the room. With many different capacities and configurations, there is an evaporator suitable for almost every room configuration.

The proper storage and aging of wine hinges on a delicate balance of exact temperature and humidity control. Temperature affects wine’s maturation rate with 60 percent being ideal. Low humidity can cause corks to dry out, leading to wine degradation, leakage, and evaporation. Too much humidity allows mold and fungus to contaminate the room and bottles and causes labels to peel. Thermocraft designs our wine cooling systems to keep these important temperatures and proper storage top of mind.

Wine Room Refrigeration

Thermocraft Wine Room Refrigeration Systems

At Thermocraft, we produce self-contained, split, or ducted cooling systems to meet your needs for the proper commercial refrigeration wine storage. Discover each type of system below.


  • Self-Contained Wine Room Refrigeration Systems

    • One piece of equipment
    • Easy to install
    • Need well-ventilated room next door for vent
    • For maintenance, will need to be shipped to the manufacturer
  • Split Wine Room Refrigeration Systems

    • More expensive than self-contained systems
    • No need for a separate room for a vent
    • Maintenance can happen on-site
  • Ducted Wine Room Refrigeration Systems

    • No equipment in the wine room
    • Cool air ducted into the wine room


Our wine room refrigeration systems create the ideal environment for protecting your investment.

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